Spices can be kept in a cabinet for up to 6 months. All of our products are made fresh with no chemicals or preservatives. Therefore for the best results, please refrigerate all sauces and syrups. If properly refrigerated saices and syrups will last up to 60 days. Olive oils should be stored in a cool area. You can refrigerate oils, but being in the refrigerator will cause the oil to look frozen. if this happens just remove from the fridge and let sit on your counter for 10 minutes and it will return to its original state.

Damage & Safety

If for any reason your package is damaged. please email us at with a photo of the damage. We will reship your order or process a refund.

Chemicals and preservatives allow for to last longer. Due to our products being 100% natural there is a shorter shelf life. Please refer to our storage suggestion above to ensure you do not consume spoiled products.


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