Starter Kit

Starter Kit


The Starter Kit is our introduction to our spice brand. This kit includes 5 of our top selling products:

All About the Bird

Herb Parmesan 


Hulk Sauce

Olive oil (Either Garlic Chile or Citrus Herb)


Our peruvian spice and hulk sauce: is our play on char broiled chicken spots, peruvian chicken and green sauce. This duo is great on your, grilled, fried, baked or rotisserie chicken. It also pairs well with beef and pork.


Our Herb Parmesan: is a parmesan cheese spice with attitude! Perfect for your pasta, vegetables and popcorn.


All About the Bird: is a birds best friend. This spice blend is perfect for chicken, cornish hens and turkey.


Olive oils: our flavored olive oils is perfect for drizzling on salad and vegetables. Can be used as a dip for your breads. Or you can use it as a substitute for other fats when frying or sauteing.