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We recently was contacted by a customer with concerns about the storage of our oils and syrups. And what can happen if they are not properly store. I hope the information because helps those of you they may have concerns:

Oils and Syrups can spoil or become rancid. Although you can become sick if you eat rancid meat, there is no evidence that states that you will become sick if you eat rancid oil/syrups. As the owner of Taylor Homemade, I do not suggest that anyone consumes ANYTHING that is rancid or spoiled.

Oils and syrups can become rancid due to chemical reactions. This happens if the oil or syrup is expose to air, light and or heat. For example:

  • Air, if you do not secure your tops tightly on your containers. Air will enter your containers and will ruin the contents

  • Light, if you have clear jars/containers and store them in a window seal. The light from the sun will heat the jars, therefore ruining the contents

  • Heat, if you store your containers beside a stove or near a heating vent. The excessive heat can “cook” your contents which will ruin it.

The above 3 actions will cause chemical reactions, which will ruin your product and cause it to become inedible.

I suggest storing all Olive Oils, Spices and Syrups in a cool dark pantry or cabinet with caps tightly secured away from any heat. Any marinade, sauce

or jellies please refrigerate. If you refrigerate oils, do not become alarm if they become cloudy or thick. You can either sit them out and let rest in room temperature or run warm water on the bottles and they will return to their original state.

Olive oils can be stored up to 6 months

Infused oils and syrups, meaning they have visual infusions such as herbs, garlic, ginger etc. can be stored up to 3 months

Sauces if refrigerated can be kept up to 4 months

Spices can be stored up to a year

If any of you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at


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